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Electric Overhead Traveling Crane

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Electric Overhead Traveling Crane

Electric Overhead Traveling Crane

EOT crane stands for electric overhead traveling crane. This is the most commonly used crane for lifting and shifting heavy loads. These cranes are electrically powered and operated by a control pendant, radio/IR remote pendant, or an operator cabin attached to the crane itself. These cranes have the capacity to lift both heavy and light weights. It is also known as bridge cranes as it consists of a parallel runway connected with a traveling bridge. The hoist is mounted on the traveling bridge. It has three functional movements- Crane Hook Up and Down Lifting Trolley Lateral Movement, and Crane Long Traveling Longitudinal Motion. We provide service to install this type of crane with a very low price along with the best quality. (check our latest projects).

Features Of EOT Cranes

EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) cranes are different from other types of overhead cranes because of their unique features :

  • It has a heavy-duty cast steel rope guide.
  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • It is easy to operate with low maintenance.
  • It also consists of an upper and lower hook travel limit switch.
  • The motors of EOT cranes are TEFC motors with F-class insulation. TEFC here stands for totally enclosed, fan closed.
  • It is also corrosion-resistant.

    Applications Of EOT Cranes

    Electric Overhead Traveling cranes have wide applications and are used in many industries. Some of them are:

    • Power Plant
    • Transport Industry
    • Construction Industry
    • Petrochemical Industry
    • Chemical Industries
    • Steel Plant
    • Ceramic industries
    • Dairy Industries
    • Foundries
    • Textile Industry
    • Cement Industry

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