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Single Girder Crane

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Single Girder Crane

Single – Girder Crane

One of the overhead crane type, which offers a better hook approach for the bridge and the trolley to travel. This type of crane is supported by one girder beam (each side) which make it the most cost- effective lift. (check our latest projects).

A single girder overhead crane is a type of bridge crane that consists of two or more overhead runways built into the building’s support structure, with the girder (the bridge) running between the runways for the width of the crane bay.

On a single girder crane, the bridge consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The trolley and hoist are most commonly underhung—meaning they run on the bottom flange of the bridge. The bridge itself can either be top running or under running in design.

Single girder cranes offer better hook approach for both the trolley and the bridge travel than a double girder crane can.

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